onsdag 9. desember 2009

Hey you guys, oh I know. Very youth-ish!

Hello everyboy! I feel a bit bad 'cause I didn't blog here the other day. That's why I give you 2 blogs in 1 day today. And also because I really need to work on my english for tomorrow. That's the big day for my english mid-term exam, and I'mnot looking forward to it! And by the way, just because I'm blogging twice today doesn't mean I don't (here comes the hard word) apperichiate (I know it's spelled wrong) comments on what I wrote some houres ago.

I'm going to read a bit about my new über cool superhero Vera Atkins before I pack the bag for tomorrow. You want to know what I'm gonna bring to school? Well, doesn't really matter, 'cause I want to tell you:

- English-norvegian/norvegian-english dictionary.
- Idiomatic dictionary
- Antonym ans synonym dictionary
- Norwegian genre book
- All the texts we prepered for the exam with
- My own grammar notes
- My own notes on what I don't have to forget to get right. Very important!

So, I'm prepared yes.

Tomorrow the big ears guy will come to visit. I'm planning om going down town to take a closer look at him. Or, at least as close I can get. He he. Not funny.

I gotta go now, read something about a Vera. Ok, see y'all t'morrw. Ha ha! Hysterical, you guys:)

In my calendar today: A pocketwarmer, if you can say that.

Today it's only 15 days 'till x-mas. Omg, time flye by when you practise your english!

xoxo Synne, in english today:)

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  1. Oppfordrer alle til å mate fiskene til høyre.